Online Taxation

Online Taxation

We are Tax Consultants

We take responsibility to keep your tax filing up to date and remind all filing deadlines to our clients in a timely manner. We help our clients to spend all time and concentration to accelerate and promote their business and we keep their documentation and tax filing on time for all business and personal tax obligations. We provide services for electronic filing of tax returns and payment of taxes electronically.

What we do

Business Taxes

Every business entity is required to report its business activity through filing of tax returns. Various type of tax obligations are imposed on the business entities which include direct and indirect taxes. Business entities are required to collect and pay sales tax from individual consumers and withhold and pay payroll taxes on the wages and salaries of all employees of the entity. All these require timely filing and deposit of taxes to designated agencies and filing of tax returns. Not filing returns and not paying the taxes on time bring huge penalties and interest on the businesses which become a big obstacle in the continuity of business. We help our clients to prepare and file these taxes on timely manner and assist them by reminding for data transmittal and filing of tax returns.

Business Income Taxes

Corporation taxes to be filed annually by each corporation to the Federal Treasury, State revenue authority and local taxation departments.

Sales Taxes

Sales tax is imposed by the state and local Governments. It is collected by every business and self employed individual authorized to collect sales tax and required to file monthly, quarterly or annual tax returns according to their business volume and filing requirements of state authorities.

Payroll Taxes

Every employer is required by the law to withhold required employment and income taxes from employee wages and salaries and deposit the withheld taxes and employer contribution required with these taxes to the designated Federal and State agencies on timely manner.

Personal Taxes

Every individual is required to file personal tax return on annual basis for calendar year and pay taxes. Employed individuals pay taxes through the withholding process by the employer and self employed individuals are required to pay taxes in advance as they receive income. Usually income tax is paid in advance on quarterly basis. We prepare and file personal tax returns for a large variety of activities including employment income and self employed individuals. We now prepare your tax return while you are enjoying at home or working in your office. Its easy, simple, affordable and convenient. To get your personal tax return prepared with professional care just fill out the information form and send us with supporting documents for preparation of your tax return. We will prepare your tax return and send you along with mailing instruction and mailing supplies. You can pay us with your convenience through money order, personal check or credit card.